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Established in the year 1998 under the provision of company Act, 1964 & Finance company Act, 1984. Premier Finance Company Limited (PFCL) is one of the many finance companies which were established under the approved license of central Bank. It is a national level private finance company providing the financial service to different sectors. The Finance Company came out with its Initial Public Offering (I.P.O) in March of 2003 with its paid up capital of Rs. 24 million. The individual promoter hold 60 percent and the general public hold 40 percent of the total share capital of the finance company. PFCL'S share was listed in Nepal Stock Exchange on 28th May 2003 and its shares are being regularly traded in the secondary market. PFCL falls among the 'A' Class Company in the listing of Nepal Stock Exchange and is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company.

The Managing Director (M.D) is responsible for the management of the company and is accountable to the board for achieving the objective of the company. The M.D is responsible for day to day operation of the company in this respect he observes the policy and direction of Board of Directors. The day to day operations do not include measures which are unusual and extraordinary such measures are only taken by the Managing Director pursuant to special authorization from the Board of Directors. The final responsibility and authority of the company rest with Board of Directors.

PFCL has been offering different range of services to cater the specific need of the customers.

Fixed deposit account can be opened for the period ranging from 3 months to 6 years. The interest is paid quarterly and loan against the fixed deposit can be, availed immediately upto 90% of the Principal amount. The interest varies according to the time limit of the deposit.


This Saving Account gives a high interest rate of 6% per annum to the depositors.

Finance Company conform to the Quality Management System Standard : ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2000
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